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Mani – An overview

The southernmost peninsula of Greece, the MÁNI, stretches from Yíthio in the east to Kardhamýli in the west and terminates at Cape Ténaro. It is a wild landscape, an arid Mediterranean counterpart to Cornwall or the Scottish Highlands, with a wildly idiosyncratic culture and history to match. Perhaps because of this independent spirit, the sense ofRead More


Spectacular a glorious place, Mystras (5 Km north-west of Sparti) and a 1,5 hour drive from Tower dei Nicliani is one of the most exciting cities in Peloponnese. Standing still in time, the dead city lies on the slope of the sheer, strange hill with the fortress at its top and are listed as a

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Caves of Diros

The caves of Diros is located 30 minutes drive from Tower dei Nicliani and offer a large underground network of caves full of strangely shaped rock formations. The famous Alepotripa and Vlichada caves are located in Pirgos Diros. They were explored by the speleologists Ioannis and Anna Petrochilos. The Alepotrypa cavern was discovered in 1958.

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Monemvasia is located few hours drive from Tower dei Nicliani and provide a picturesque fortress city which include a mix of small shops, restaurant and historical sights. Monemvasia (Greek: Μονεμβασία) is a town and a municipality in Laconia, Greece. The town is located on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese. The

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